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InPortal for Android provides a single access point to a calendar and navigator. It gives an access to easy schedule of events and allows you get quickly to their locations.

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  • Q. Why are events in list displayed in different colors?

    Events with different states are shown in different colors. Past events are light orange, future events are light blue and declined events are red.

  • Q. I can’t create new event in one of my calendars.

    You can’t create or edit events in calendar if it’s marked as read only. However you can view events from such calendars and get reminders.

  • Q. What does Map report mean?

    Maps report shows event locations for selected time span. Locations are marked with different icons according to the event type and different colors according to the event status (past, future, declined). On Map report you can see where you have been or plan to be and what you have done there. You can find Map report button on every page of the calendar view.

  • Q. I have many events in the selected time span, but on Map report I see only a few or can’t build it at all.

    On Map report events with selected location are only displayed. Report cannot be built if there is no event with defined location in current time span.

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Release 1.6.4 Community Edition

Released on February 5, 2015
  • New New design (alfa)
  • New Add new feature 'Route all' - for building routes to events locations.
  • Fix Fix widget bug
  • Fix Fix GPS on Tablet
  • Fix Fix critical map bug
  • Fix Fix minor bugs

Release 1.4.5 Community Edition

Released on Mar 06, 2013
  • New Option to enable editing past and canceled events
  • New Ability to select calendars to display
  • New Different colors for different calendars
  • New Current events are marked with yellow
  • Fix Widget bug fixes
  • Fix Minor bug fixes

Release 1.4.2 Community Edition

Released on Feb 12, 2013
  • New Added widget : month calendar
  • New More friendly navigation tabs
  • Fix Minor bug fixes

Version 1.3.0 Community Edition

Released on Feb 04, 2013
  • New Added different types of map reports
  • Fix Improved interaction with map
  • Fix Improved events list view
  • Fix Increased performance

Version 1.2.1 Community Edition

Released on Jan 29, 2013
  • New Russian language pack
  • Fix Navigation more stable
  • Fix Drains less battery

Version 1.1 Community Edition

Released on Jan 26, 2013
  • New Initial release for Android


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  • Synchronization with calendars of all accounts on your Android device
  • Events creation, edition and deletion
  • Calendar view of events with smooth navigation (Last 30 days, Last 5 days, yesterday, today, tomorrow, Next 5 days, Next 30 days )
  • Types of events, according to which the event is marked with an icon
  • Copying events
  • Declining events, that you can’t attend. The highlighting of such events prompts you to plan them once again
  • Displaying past, future and declined events in different colors
  • Reminders for upcoming events with snooze feature
  • Specifying location of an event using search by address or selecting a point with Google Maps
  • Access to Google Maps navigation features while viewing an event
  • Instant switch to navigation from an event reminder


  • Map report of event locations for different time spans
  • Representation of event locations on the map with different icons according to the event type, as well as different colors according to the event status (past, future, declined)